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Excerpt from Chapter 2, Success

"Success requires determination in the midst of opposition. Success is blue collar, hardcore, hands on, taking life by the horns and refusing to let go until you have achieved your goal. Success takes sacrifice. If you are not willing to lose something, then you are not fit for success... " 

Excerpt from Chapter 8, Pride

Lucifer, the most radiant, desirable, gifted, anointed, yet Prideful of all creation. Lucifer was given a position of prominence in Heaven and was the preferred of all the Angelic Host. Lucifer was the most alluring of all the Celestial beings, his countenance was so bright and radiant that even his name means “son of the morning.” Lucifer was beyond just a skilled musician or worship leader, but he was the personification of music himself. The sonic vibrations which emitted from the recesses of Lucifer’s very being were like sublime symphonic overtures, chanting and reverberating throughout every realm, the astounding grandeur of God’s flawless craftsmanship. 

Excerpt from Chapter 18, Purpose

“Pain is a prerequisite of purpose. Every product that is manufactured is always tested before it is deemed acceptable for the marketplace. It is inspected before it can fulfill its' purpose. When we endure hardship, test, pain, and trials we are just being prepared to fulfill God's purpose in our lives. God is rendering you suitable or acceptable to be entrusted with what He has designed for you.Without being tested, you will never know if you are fit to accomplish what God has for you.”

Take the

31 Day Challange.

Most months on the calandar have between 30-31 days. Use this book as a daily devotional and watch your life improve. Take the 31 Day Challange! Monitor your progress on a day by day basis, and at the end of the 31 days, review your progress.  

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